Pricing Strategy Services


This Toolkit includes frameworks, tools, templates, tutorials, real-life examples and best practices to help you:

  • Increase your pricing strategy knowledge and skills
  • Understand why having a great strategy pricing is so critical for your business
  • Identify the key issues caused by ineffective pricing management
  • Identify the root causes of pricing issues
  • Create a pricing maturity model
  • Define the current and target pricing maturity level of your business
  • Design a roadmap to go from your current state to your target state
  • Define your pricing strategy
  • Set up your pricing goal
  • Define key methods to reach your goal and set up your list price
  • Apply discount to your list price
  • Avoid price war with your competitors
  • Understand the pricing strategy of companies such as BestBuy, Nintendo Wii and Netflix
  • Understand the four components of a Blue Ocean Strategy
  • Identify the estimated benefits of a pricing management project