Digital Transformation Services


This Toolkit includes frameworks, tools, templates, tutorials, real-life examples and best practices to help you:

  • Define the key success factors of a Digital Transformation
  • Assess the digital maturity of your organization
  • Define your digital transformation strategy & plan by leveraging our ready-made digital transformation strategy & plan, which includes sections such as “Current State”, “Target State”, “Strategic Objectives”, “Team”, “Budget”, and “Initiatives
  • Implement, track & manage progress of your digital transformation strategy & plan with our visual dashboards
  • Build a strong business case and financial model to get your digital transformation projects approved by the executive committee
  • Estimate your project financials: revenue, cost savings, cash flow, net present value (NPV), ROI, IRR, payback period, WACC, etc.
  • Define and implement your change management strategy & plan to ensure people adoption of the changes
  • Get a clear understanding of the project management overall approach commonly used by Fortune 100 and Global Consulting firms
  • Prioritize a company’s potential initiatives based on impact and effort, and build your roadmap
  • Initiate your digital transformation project/program with a world class project charter, RACI Matrix and Stakeholder Matrix
  • Plan with our high-level project plan and detailed project plan
  • Close your project with a Punch List and Post Project Evaluation Report
  • Get an understanding of the top 12 main New Technologies that could make your company grow in a profitable way: Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Cyber security, Blockchain, Internet of Things, Digital Marketing, 3-D Printing, etc.