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Frequently Asked Questions

What is contract human resource administration services?
We relieve the stress and burden of HR Administration – while leaving control of your employees and your business firmly within your hands. Trion handles all of the time-intensive, repetitive HR tasks and record keeping that tax your companies’ resources. The hours, personnel and resources you need to devote to HR can now be put to work towards your company’s core objectives. Our services are tailored precisely to fit your company’s strategy, practices, and culture. Our services are seamlessly and transparently implemented without disruption of your day-to-day operations, delivering tangible, measurable benefits from day one – both to your company and your employees.
What are payroll and tax administration for your business?

Payroll can be a hassle for business – risk-laden, time-intensive and problem prone. We take on all of your payroll and payroll tax responsibilities, leveraging industry-leading technology to provide unmatched reliability and flexibility. So every pay period, payroll processing goes off without a hitch and without distracting your company’s management from other vital tasks.



We handle all the variables that make payroll a nightmare. Shift changes, sick days, paid time off, union dues, insurance and retirement contributions, garnishments, child support, terminations, tax changes, status changes and deduction administration.