Management Consulting Services

Management Consulting Services


This Toolkit includes frameworks, tools, templates, tutorials, real-life examples and best practices to help you:

  • Build a convincing consulting proposal
  • Write a business consultant agreement
  • Identify the key drivers of the organization’s profit to easily explain profit growth or profit decline, and act accordingly
  • Decide if you should enter a new market (e.g., European market, Chinese market)
  • Decide if you should introduce a new product
  • Decide if your organization should acquire a new company
  • Gather qualitative and quantitative data in a structured way via interview, focus group and survey
  • Structure your presentations and recommendations like a tier-1 management consultant
  • Create a robust strategic plan describing where the company should go, and how to get there
  • Conduct a strategic planning project to define your mission, vision, strategic objectives and key initiatives
  • Build a strong business case and financial model to get your project approved by the executive committee
  • Estimate your project financials: revenue, cost savings, cash flow, net present value (NPV), ROI, IRR, payback period, WACC, etc.
    • Conduct a comprehensive financial analysis
    • Prioritize a company’s potential initiatives based on impact and effort
    • Define the maturity of a company on a specific area with a visual maturity model
    • Identify your strategic options and their respective risk with the Ansoff Growth Matrix and the Porter’s Generic Corporate Strategies Matrix
    • Increase your know-how with the top 40 management consulting tools commonly used by Fortune 100 and Global Consulting firms: Business Roadmap, Blue Ocean Strategy, Entry/Exit Barriers, Experience Curve, Fishbone Diagram, Five Whys, Initiative Prioritization Matrix, Issue Tree, McKinsey Seven-S, Risk Assessment Matrix, Product Life Cycle, Strategy Map, Value Chain Analysis, Value Driver Tree, etc.
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